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Pest Alert: Stink Bug Populations Rise in Susceptible Corn

June 23, 2021
green stink bug on a corn leaf

Stink bugs pose a potential economic threat to AR cornfields.

With corn still in early growth stages, Mid-South growers, particularly those in AR, should be on high alert for stink bugs. In a June 3 Pest Patrol alert, Extension Entomologist Gus Lorenz, Ph.D., with the University of Arkansas notes that stink bug populations have been bad already this year, and much of the corn is still susceptible to early-season damage. Damage at this stage could cause potential reduction in quality and yield.

Stink bugs can feed during multiple growth stages in corn and cause 3 distinct types of damage:

  1. During early vegetative stages (V1-V6), stink bug damage can cause stunted plants, yield-robbing tillers and plant death.
  2. In pre-tasseling stages (V14-VT), stink bug feeding can result in crooked ears and missing kernels.
  3. During reproductive stages (R1-R4), stink bug feeding can reduce kernel size and weight and introduce secondary pathogens that lead to aflatoxin or fumonisin contamination.

Lorenz encourages growers and advisers to walk field edges, particularly near tree lines, to look for stink bugs. If they see some in the field, they need to go ahead and address the pest threat before it surpasses economic thresholds.

With multiple modes of action, Besiege® foliar insecticide controls key corn insect pests that threaten yield, quality and marketability at multiple growth stages of the plant – and of the pest. Robust active ingredients, chlorantraniliprole and lambda-cyhalothrin, target stink bugs from larvae to adults. Besiege gives growers a tool that provides exceptional control to maintain full yield potential and enhance their bottom line.

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