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Stay Proactive to Beat White Mold

February 5, 2021
this agronomic image shows White mold-infected soybeans

White mold-infected soybeans in Hendricks, MN; 2019

As we head further into 2021, planting season is just around the corner. While we’re excited to get the growing season started, one disease in particular is also anticipating a return to the field.

White mold is a persistent yield-limiting threat to soybeans every season because of its ability to survive in the soil for many years. According to South Dakota State University researchers, this disease can cause yield losses of more than 40% depending on the crop’s growth stage.

If you plant early, your crops could be more vulnerable to infection. The Crop Protection Network cites early planting, narrow row width and high plant populations as favorable conditions for white mold development. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the signs and symptoms of white mold before heading into the field.

To prepare for potential white mold infection, keep these insights in mind:

  • Take your fields’ disease history into account and monitor current weather patterns, especially early periods of cool temperatures, wet soil and high humidity.
  • Scout early and often for white mold symptoms. You can identify trumpet-shaped apothecia in the soil as early signs of infection.
  • Consider applying a preventive fungicide at early bloom (R1) to full bloom (R2). By the time you can see widespread symptoms, it may be too late to manage the disease effectively.

In the battle against white mold, we recommend applying Miravis® Neo fungicide. Miravis Neo is powered by ADEPIDYN® technology – one of the highest-performing SDHI modes of action available – to suppress white mold and protect against other key soybean diseases. With its superior disease control and added plant-health benefits, Miravis Neo helps deliver more bushels more often.

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