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Stay ahead of weeds in cole crops

March 3, 2016

Whether cole crop seeds and transplants are just hitting the soil or they’ve begun to emerge, weeds pose a season-long risk and efforts should be made to mitigate the risk where possible. Researchers and professors at the University of Florida IFAS Extension recommend a combination of management practices designed to suppress weeds throughout the entire year. Crop rotation, cover cropping, high planting density, mulching, cultivation, flooding and herbicide use are all part of a recipe for improved harvest quality and yield.

One of the greatest hazards to a healthy crop is early-season weeds, which can quickly choke out seedlings and are a haven for all types of insects. A careful balance of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides with proper cultivation techniques can give growers a leg up. Getting weeds under control early is crucial for success. According to the University of California, Davis, the first 30 days after seeding are critical for weed control. After that, most cole crops produce enough shade to compete and suppress weeds.

To protect cole crops from early-season weeds, Syngenta offers several herbicide options:

  • Use Gramoxone® SL 2.0 herbicide as a preplant to start clean and eliminate early-season weed competition
  • Apply Dual Magnum® herbicide immediately after planting for season-long, full weed control activity on annual broadleaf and grass

By combining crop production management practices with early-season herbicides, weeds can be effectively managed through the entirety of the season.

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