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Start early to control weeds

March 1, 2016

It’s no secret that irrigation is necessary to grow corn in northern Texas. It also shouldn’t be a secret that to get the most from irrigation it is necessary to control weeds.

As growers plan for 2016, they should consider using Acuron® corn herbicide to control weeds early. We’ve been screening Acuron at the Dalhart Grow More Experience site for close to three years and have seen it perform really well. This past year, we trialed Acuron in a one-pass program and a two-pass program in combination with other herbicides, such as Halex® GT. We compared it to competitive products in field and bare-ground settings.

Two programs in particular stand out from this past year. One program applied Acuron pre-emergence at 1.25 qt/A followed by an early post-emergence application of Halex GT plus AAtrex® 4L herbicide. This is a good program to use for those looking to control weeds early. Acuron followed by Halex GT has been a very consistent and proven program in our Grow More Experience test plots, especially with controlling Palmer amaranth. After about 45 to 60 days, we would start to see the competitive products break down. Acuron followed by Halex GT had far better season-long residual control of tough weeds.

The second program is one-pass of 2.5 qt/A Acuron, which can be used by those looking for cost efficiencies. With glyphosate-resistant pigweed already in our area, a one-pass program of Acuron can tackle this weed and cut down on glyphosate applications.

Comparison Photo

Grow More Experience site bare ground Acuron trial showing the untreated (left) and Acuron applied at 2.5 qt/A (right).

For more information about local weed control recommendations, contact your Syngenta retail representative.

Submitted by Syngenta agronomists at the Dalhart, Texas, Grow More Experience site

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