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Stalk Quality and 2017 Corn Hybrids

January 5, 2017

Thinking back to the 2016 harvest, how did corn hybrids perform when it came to stalk integrity and standability? If these topics were issues in your corn fields, here are some steps that can be taken immediately to help you in 2017:

  • Hybrid Selection: Hybrid selection is critical to helping seeds start strong. Choosing the right hybrid for your field’s soil types and environmental conditions can be the difference between good yields and great yields. This is especially true to help prevent deteriorated stalk health and to ensure crops reach their maximum potential. Check stalk strength ratings for hybrids using tools like the Golden Harvest® Corn product finder, and be on the lookout for hybrids with additional protection against below-ground insects like corn rootworm.
  • Crop Protection: Syngenta agronomists observed that crops where fungicides were used experienced fewer standability issues and performed better under pressure from diseases like northern corn leaf blight. When choosing a fungicide package for the upcoming growing season, it’s important to keep in mind that this added protection can help stalk health in the field.

For more recommendations on maximizing stalk quality and yield results, contact your local Syngenta representative.

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