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Spring Showers Bring May Fungus?

April 24, 2018
This agronomic image shows peppers on the left treated with Orondis Gold compared to untreated on the right.

Peppers treated with Orondis Gold (left), Peppers untreated (right)

Spring showers may bring May flowers, but this growing season is off to a soggy start. Weekly bulletins from the USDA, NOAA, and National Weather service show parts of Florida received as much as 4” of rain over a week’s time earlier this month. This much rain saturating the ground brings serious concerns for the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora capsici (P. capsici), which can cause crown and root rot in solanaceous crops and cucurbits.

A University of Florida report says the fungal-like pathogen produces zoospores that swim through surface moisture to infect crops. Excessive rainfall, as seen earlier this month, create ideal conditions for P. capsici to spread.

For successful disease management and maximum yields, it’s important to know what to look for and to treat your crops as accurately as possible.

On seedlings, symptoms of P. capsici are similar to that of other fungi, including pre-emergence and post-emergence damping-off, root and plant discoloration and mycelia growing on leaves. The University of Florida report details how symptoms can vary in mature plants.

To treat crown and root rot caused by P. capsici, use a fungicide with multiple modes of action (MOAs) and strong residual activity. Orondis® Gold fungicide combines the active ingredients of 2 powerful systemic fungicides, Ridomil Gold® SL and Orondis®, to provide superior control of oomycete diseases, including crown and root rot.

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