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Soybean Yield Goal Starts With Your Seed Treatment

February 3, 2023
grower standing in soybean field with no signs of disease

Grower with healthy high-yield soybeans

A new year has arrived, and the countdown has started for 2023 planting. You’re likely busy evaluating last year’s crop performance and attempting to find new ways to up the number on your yield monitor come harvest. While you’re in planning mode, you may want to consider the impact of early-season disease and stress on your soybean yield potential.

Two big threats to watch – Pythium and Phytophthora. These diseases lurk below the surface, unseen until you get a crop response. If you don’t protect your soybeans properly, replants, slow canopy closure and reduced populations will hurt your soybeans’ chances of ever reaching full yield potential. So, what can you do to better protect against these threats and help your soybeans hit your yield goals?

Soybean yield potential is the highest at the start of the season, making it a crucial time to help your soybeans grow strong and maximize yield potential. One key factor in setting your soybeans up for success is using a powerful seed treatment to help protect against early-season diseases, including Pythium and Phytophthora.

Listen to Technical Product Lead Dale Ireland explain the impact early-season diseases can have on emergence while he showcases seed treatment trials at the Stanton, MN, Grow More™ Experience site.

We recommend CruiserMaxx® APX for your 2023 soybean seed treatment to help achieve your yield goals. It delivers supercharged protection against early-season insects and diseases, including Pythium and Phytophthora. Powered by a novel active ingredient, picarbutrazox (PCBX), CruiserMaxx APX can give you the confidence to plant whenever you choose, without worrying about the risk of replants and the associated costs.

Discover the supercharged protection of CruiserMaxx APX from day 1 at SyngentaUS.com/CruiserMaxxAPX.

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