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Soybean Disease Pressure in 2019 Could Mean High Risk in 2020

November 19, 2019
This agronomic image shows frogeye leaf spot

Soybean infected with frogeye leaf spot

Wet weather, increased humidity, flooding and other harsh conditions in 2019 created the perfect storm for disease development in some areas this summer, especially in late-planted soybeans. High disease pressure likely resulted in a build-up of inoculum that could create further risks for next season. If you spotted the following diseases in your fields this year, keep a close eye out for them to reappear in 2020.

  • Frogeye leaf spot – Considered one of the top yield-robbing diseases in the US, frogeye leaf spot was frequently seen this year. With resistance to strobilurin fungicides continuing to increase, this disease could be a big threat in 2020. This year, there was heavy frogeye leaf spot pressure confirmed in OH, as well as reports throughout the Midwest and South.
  • Target spot – Favored by high humidity and moisture, target spot can overwinter in surface residue after harvest. Scout early and often for this disease. Under the right conditions, it can cause devastating losses especially when other diseases are present in the field.
  • Septoria brown spot – According to Crop Protection Network, brown spot is the most common soybean foliar disease. While it infects the plant soon after planting, yield loss depends on how far up the canopy the disease progresses, so managing this disease early with a timely application of the right fungicide could pay dividends next season.

No matter which soybean diseases were in your area in 2019, they can strike any year and threaten yield and ROI potential. As you plan ahead for 2020, remember to take preventive steps early to help you stay ahead of disease and potential yield loss.

Researchers with the University of Kentucky recommend considering a fungicide that is effective against the spectrum of diseases that could have an impact on your yield.

When it’s time to making a preventive fungicide application, we recommend Miravis® Top fungicide. Custom-built to manage the toughest of soybean diseases, Miravis Top delivers broad-spectrum disease control and plant-health benefits that can help you maximize yield potential in 2020.

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