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Soybean Aphid Predictions May Be Misleading to Growers

March 7, 2017
Agronomic image of soybean aphids

Year after year, insects continue to threaten soybean yields. When it comes to soybean aphids, Midwest soybean growers should be prepared for anything this season.

For many years, growers could safely predict soybean aphid populations using the every-other-year threshold model. With heavy soybean aphid pressure in 2016, growers might not expect aphids to become an issue in 2017.

Yet, Dr. Kelley Tilmon, Associate Professor of Entomology at The Ohio State University says growers should be on guard. Based on 10 years of data, Tilmon shared in a recent Crop Life article where she says soybean aphids can in fact emerge every year given favorable conditions.

In light of this research, growers should be prepared with the best management options.

We recommend using Endigo® ZC insecticide, providing quick knockdown and extended residual control of key foliar pest populations including soybean aphids.

Using an insecticide treatment when soybean aphids reach the economic threshold is an essential component to improving yield potential to ultimately grow more soybeans.

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