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Southern Rust Reports Demonstrate Need for Fungicide Application

August 24, 2022
southern rust on untreated corn

Corn infected with Southern rust.

IPM recently reported that Southern rust is confirmed in 13 states so far this season, already putting corn yields at risk. As temperatures continue to rise, crops become more susceptible to fungal diseases that can be devastating to your potential yield if not addressed.

Southern rust can cause yield losses of up to 45% according to the Crop Protection Network. Once it attaches to the plant, the disease uses the plant’s nutrients to grow and reproduce causing tears in the leaf tissue, according to University of Georgia Extension.

Wind currents from tropical areas carry rust spores across states, which makes the South especially susceptible during hurricane and tropical storm pressure. And, given the right environment, could put Midwest acres at risk as well. Be sure to scout early and often, especially after experiencing extreme weather conditions that could push spores into your fields.

Proactive disease management is essential to protecting your bottom line, so consider a preventive fungicide application to help keep your corn safe from diseases like Southern rust and tar spot before they begin to steal yield. Plus, a fungicide can help protect your ROI with added plant-health benefits that help plants combat stress and preserve yield potential.

If you’re on the fence about making a fungicide application, consider how Trivapro® fungicide could help keep your crop cleaner and greener by protecting your yield from disease, stress and harvestability issues. The cleaner and greener plant-health benefits Trivapro offers can help improve water use efficiency, promote more efficient photosynthetic production, and prevent your corn from dying down prematurely. These added benefits help your crop maximize nutrient absorption, grain fill and greatly improve standability. The result: you’ll save more fuel, time and ultimately money at harvest.

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