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Southern Rust Confirmed Across Midwestern Corn Fields

August 16, 2017
This agronomic image shows a map of the Midwest where Southern rust has been spotted.

Map updated August 14, 2017

The recent update of the Integrated Pest Information Platform map shows Southern rust has spread northward throughout the Midwest.

In northern Illinois specifically, Southern rust and common rust do not have the ability to overwinter, but can move north with wind currents. Common rust thrives in cooler temperatures while Southern rust develops in warmer weather. Although northern Illinois has been cooler this year, neighboring regions have been warmer and drier than normal, making corn in these regions more susceptible to rust this season.

If neighboring regions have confirmed Southern rust, it’s best to treat fields proactively – it’s easier to prevent corn rust than to treat for the disease once damage is noticeable. If fields are nearing or close to R1 growth stage, there’s still time to apply a fungicide to shut down disease and protect yield.

Syngenta offers Trivapro® fungicide for harder-working, longer-lasting preventive and curative control of rust and other difficult-to-control diseases. Trivapro also delivers plant health benefits that help maximize grain fill and produce stronger stalks for reduced lodging and volunteer corn, resulting in maximum yield and return on investment.

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