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Southern corn rust hits early this season

June 13, 2016

GEORGIA: One of the most important and highly anticipated corn diseases this season, Southern corn rust has been found in Seminole County, Georgia.

Dr. Bob Kemerait, pathologist with the University of Georgia Extension previously recommended growers hold off spraying fungicides until Southern corn rust was found. Now that it has been discovered, he encourages growers in the southwestern part of the state with corn near tasseling to apply fungicides for protection. Kemerait also encourages growers in other areas to monitor the spread of the disease.

As growers continue to scout for diseases in corn, they should be aware of the following Southern corn rust symptoms reported by the Purdue University Extension:

  • Round pustules on the upper leaf surface
  • Orange to light brown spots

If above-average rainfall continues, Southern corn rust is likely to spread quickly, as it thrives in wet climates.

For prevenive and curative protection against Southern corn rust and other key yield-robbing diseases, Syngenta offers Trivapro® fungicide, available for the first time this season. Trivapro combines triazole, strobilurin and a SDHI component: Solatenol®. This combination was designed specifically to maximize residual protection against rust.

Southern corn rust

Southern corn rust: Untreated, Trivapro, Aproach® Prima, Stratego® YLD (from left).

Utilizing fungicides before diseases like Southern corn rust begin to spread will help protect yield potential and maximize profit potential.

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