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Southeastern Watermelon Diseases to Watch for in 2017

March 20, 2017

Gummy stem blight is the most common watermelon disease in the Southeast, according to the results of a Clemson University survey shared in a recent Growing Produce article. This disease produces large, target-shaped spots on leaves and cankers on stems of watermelon plants.

Often overlooked by growers, powdery mildew is the second most common disease in watermelons. No resistant cultivars of watermelon are available, so fungicides are necessary to control this disease. Powdery mildew can spread quickly under favorable conditions, causing symptoms to appear within three days of infection.

Clemson University Cooperative Extension advises that systematic fungicides are necessary to control these major diseases. This growing season, Syngenta recommends Orondis® Opti and Aprovia® Top fungicides as components of a season-long disease control program to protect crops and help maximize marketable yield.

An agronomic chart showing fungicide recommendations for watermelon.

Syngenta Cucurbit Seasonal Disease Control Calendar


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