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Six Ways to Boost Your Crop’s RootingPower

August 25, 2017

Growers should keep root health at the top of their mind when preparing for next season. Lush and robust wheat fields start with durable, deep and disease-free roots. These roots are better able to absorb important nutrients and moisture that produce healthy plants and increase yield potential.

As a part of an ongoing commitment to root health and pest defense, Syngenta Seedcare scientists analyzed the interactions between roots, disease, moisture efficiency and nutrient utilization and found that sedaxane, the active ingredient in Vibrance®, boosts each plants RootingPower™ from the start. By incorporating preventive measures now – including best management practices and seed treatment applications – growers can get their crops started on the right foot.

Below are the 6 benefits of Vibrance RootingPower:

Vibrance protects seeds and emerging seedlings from Rhizoctonia by creating a “halo of protection” around the seed and root system. This image shows an animated root system.
RootingPower is the link between strong roots and increased yield. The built-in RootingPower of Vibrance leads to more powerful, healthier roots. This image shows an animated arm flexing.
Robust root systems efficiently absorb and utilize moisture and nutrients, improving crop performance. This image shows an animated seedling getting sun.
Enables plants to withstand environmental stresses. This image shows an animated seedling being watered.
Allows faster germination and emergence, improving stand establishment. This image shows an animated plant growing.
Greater stands leads to maximum yield potential year after year. This image shows animated plants increasing upward into higher yield.

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