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Selecting the right soybean variety for season-long success

March 29, 2016

Planting the right soybean variety has the potential to improve yields by as many as 20 bushels per acre, according to research from the Iowa State University Extension. So it should come as no surprise that experts with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln rank variety selection as the No. 1 most important management decision that influences soybean yields.

When selecting soybean varieties, growers should look for the following:

  • Proven yield records: Select a high-yielding variety with proven performance in your region. It also helps to look at growing conditions similar to your fields, assessing multiple years’ results if possible.
  • Disease and pest packages: Research the disease and pest history of your fields before choosing which varieties to plant. Diseases and pests can greatly reduce yields, so pick varieties with genetic packages that match a field’s needs. Depending on the pest or disease concerns, look for varieties with good tolerance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN), sudden death syndrome (SDS), brown stem rot, iron deficiency chlorosis, Phytophthora root rot or other agronomic issues or concerns.
  • Range of maturities: Select maturities that match your growing conditions and that correspond with your region’s planting period. Also consider selecting varieties from a range of maturities to spread risk, stagger harvest and avoid loss due to shattering or poor harvest conditions.
  • Match your management practices: Some varieties are better adapted to certain management practices, such as irrigation, conservation tillage or narrow rows. Select varieties that will fit your management strategy as a whole.

Select varieties on a field-by-field basis. Assess each of the above characteristics and plant according to your specific growing conditions. Developed using the Syngenta Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System, NK® Soybeans offer high-yielding varieties that integrate elite genetics and industry-leading traits. The Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System enables a faster breeding cycle for accelerated genetic gain, giving you faster access to new varieties.

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