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Seed Treatments: The Key to Success for Soybeans

August 29, 2023
close up shot of soybean plants

With harvest fast-approaching, you’re likely beginning to reflect on the year and prepare for next season. While each season comes with its own challenges, there is more you can do ahead of planting to better protect your soybeans from disease, insects and drought conditions. Seed treatments are a critical early-season management tactic that help protect soybeans from disease and insect predation, and significantly increase plant stand, vigor and yield potential. 

Seed treatments allow for optimal root development. The development of the root system is crucial to plant health throughout the year, especially in water-stressed environments. Stressors that feed on roots early in the season can make it extremely difficult for plants to scavenge moisture from the soil. Disease presence, such as Pythium and Phytophthora, can severely limit root growth, and insect pressures, like bean leaf beetle, can eat away at plant vigor. Seed treatments allow for soybeans to establish roots in a controlled environment, which is particularly important in drought conditions. 

Planting methods can also make a seed treatment more valuable. More growers are planting earlier in wet, cool soils, as well as opting for smaller populations in order to decrease seed costs. Both scenarios make seed treatments more valuable. Early planting means soybeans spend more time exposed to stressors in the soil, and lower populations means there is less of a buffer against stand loss. Seed treatments can help you establish a stronger emergence and uniform stand, which ultimately help maximize yield potential. 

When comparing treated soybeans to untreated soybeans, the differences in growth and development are visually clear. Watch as Syngenta Agronomy Service Representative Brian Norton shows the differences in the untreated soybean plot compared to the plot treated with CruiserMaxx APX® seed treatment at the Iola, KS, Grow More™ Experience site:

As you can see, seed treatments allow soybeans to have the strongest possible start from day one. Consult with an experienced agronomist to learn more about seed treatment options for your soybeans. 

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