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‘It’s the Seed’: NK Soybean Yields Keep Rising

December 5, 2016

Britton, SD: According to third-generation farmer Kevin Jones, weather was the biggest obstacle to producing good yields in 2016. A hotter-than-average summer combined with regular windstorms but only sporadic rains pushed Kevin Jones’ crops to their stress threshold. Even so, his corn and soybeans yielded strong – continuing a trend Jones has noticed over the past decade.

“It’s the seed,” he said. “Our yields have steadily increased every year since I started farming.”

Jones said NK® Soybeans S10-P9 and S14-J7 brands yielded about 12 bu/A higher than average, an outcome he partially attributed to their standability.

“Our crops were stressed most of the season. If we didn’t get a windstorm in the morning, it was the afternoon,” Jones said. “But the health and stand of my NK Soybeans were stronger than others.”

This type of performance makes him happy to be a grower.

“I love farming and working with family every day. I get up early because I can’t wait to get at it!” he laughed.


Kevin Jones is proud to be a grower. “It’s in my blood,” he said. “I’ve never done anything else and don’t desire to do anything else.”

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