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Scouting Sheath Blight in Rice

May 10, 2017

If your rice crop has reached or is past green ring (internode elongation), it’s time to start scouting for sheath blight. Favored by warm temperature and high humidity, sheath blight can cause significant yield loss in susceptible cultivars if left unchecked.

Conditions that favor sheath blight are susceptible cultivars, high N rates, dense stands with thick canopies, and field history of sheath blight or aerial blight. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, take steps to prevent and treat sheath blight in your rice crop.

It is important to begin scouting for sheath blight immediately, to head off the disease before it can take hold. The lesions start small, developing from greenish gray to dark brown. Fungicides should be applied when levels of sheath blight go beyond the recommended threshold.

Syngenta recommends Quadris® fungicide for proven performance in controlling sheath blight and other harmful diseases.

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