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Sample Soil to Stay Ahead of Phytophthora

October 4, 2016

California soils are naturally infested with various species of Phytophthora, which tend to thrive in cool, wet conditions. The stress caused by this pathogen is compounded in the salty soils and water found in the state. With many areas seeing record rains earlier this year, tree fruit and nut growers are in a high-risk situation for this disease as the 2017 season approaches.

Because strong, healthy root systems are essential to overall tree health and productivity, it’s important that growers establish an aggressive management plan for Phytophthora, which overwinters in soil. Most symptoms are commonly mistaken for drought, nutrient deficiency and salt burn, so soil sampling is key to detecting and controlling this pathogen.

The Soil Pathogen Assessment (SPA) program from Syngenta helps make soil sampling easy and efficient. Since the threat of Phytophthora was high in 2016, and with more thought to be coming in on nursery stock, Syngenta will increase the number of samples it will accept in 2017 through the SPA program.

Managing Phytophthora

An integrated management system that includes cultural practices and a soil-applied fungicide during root flush (near bud break/leaf emergence) in the spring and fall is key to combating Phytophthora. Soil sampling and testing can be done beforehand to confirm presence if not previously known.

Ridomil Gold® SL fungicide offers long-lasting disease protection against crown rot, collar rot and root rot caused by several Phytophthora species. Research results show larger root mass, tree weight and tree diameter when using Ridomil Gold SL in a Phytophthora management program.1

Agronomic image of almond roots

Contact your Syngenta representative to learn more about soil sampling through the SPA program: www.Syngenta-US.com/rep-finder.

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