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Rootworm resistance could pose problems for Illinois growers

March 8, 2016

ILLINOIS:  Corn rootworm is a major economic pest in corn in the U.S. Although severity of infestations varies from year to year, University of Illinois researcher Nick Tinsley predicts western corn rootworm (CRW) resistance to Bt toxins will likely become an issue for Illinois corn growers. It has already been confirmed in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota and Minnesota. To avoid CRW resistance, he recommends using an integrated management approach to combat this insect.

Syngenta is also closely monitoring CRW populations and supports integrated management practices that include crop rotations, hybrids with multiple modes of action and soil insecticides like Force® brand insecticides. With more than 25 years of proven performance, Force brands continue to:

  • Provide top-rated control of corn rootworm and other early-season pests
  • Deliver high-performance insect control even in heavy pressure areas
  • Enhance yield when applied over CRW-traited acres

 roots - Force

As seen in this photo from Monticello, IL, at the end of the 2015 season, the plants on the right treated with Force withstood CRW pressure better than those on the left not treated with Force. You can see the root mass is larger, which contributed to the plants being able to take up water and nutrients better to produce thicker, stronger stalks. Stronger root systems and stalks mean a healthier plant, which can help maximize return on investment and ultimately help grow more corn.

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