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Resistance Concerns Drive Need for New Options

December 14, 2017

Indiana: It’s not unusual to find a variety of tough, herbicide-resistant weeds in southern IN. The White River continually carries weed seeds from northern IN into southern IN corn fields via its east and west forks, complicating efforts to fight resistance.

This agronomic image shows a corn field cleared by Acuron in Indiana.

Caption: Vallonia, IN: A foundation rate of 1.25 qts/A Acuron and 1 qt/A atrazine applied at planting on April 13 followed by the remaining 1.25 qts/A Acuron and 1 qt/A glyphosate in the middle of May. Photo taken June 29, 2017.

In Vallonia, IN, 2 of the toughest weeds growers encountered in 2017 were marestail and Palmer amaranth. Further south in Charlestown, IN, growers saw a mixture of giant ragweed, marestail and Palmer amaranth. All 3 weeds aggressively compete with corn for nutrients, sunlight and water, making it vitally important to control them before they reduce yield potential.

This agronomic image shows a corn field cleared by Acuron in Charleston, Indiana.

Caption: Charlestown, IN: A foundation rate of 1.5 qt/A Acuron and 1 qt/A Gramoxone® SL applied two days before planting on April 24 and followed by the remaining 1 qt/A Acuron on April 28. Photo taken June 29, 2017.

We recommend Acuron® corn herbicide to control the toughest weeds in corn. Acuron controls more than 70 tough broadleaf weeds and annual grasses, even resistant biotypes, with its combination of 4 active ingredients and 3 effective modes of action (Groups 5, 15 and 27). One of its active ingredients, bicyclopyrone, complements mesotrione and works in conjunction with atrazine and S-metolachlor to deliver long-lasting residual weed control. A wide window of application, from 28 days pre-plant up to 12-inch corn, provides the additional benefit of flexibility.

To see how Acuron performed in your area, visit Acuron-Herbicide.com/Performance.

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