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Proven Reliability Earns NK Soybeans Brand Loyalty

October 24, 2016

Erie, IL: Jerry Norman and his family have worked the same land since 1932, the first 60 years as tenants and the past 24 as owners. Of course, there have been many advancements in production tools and practices during that time span.

“We can pull more crop out of one acre than they could in tens of acres. It’s just amazing how things have changed,” Norman said.

Since the 1980s, however, at least one thing has remained constant: NK® Soybeans.

“We’ve been growing them for about 30 years,” Norman said. “We’re really happy with the reliability (of the crops) and the input I get from the people at Syngenta to match the crop to my soil.” This is important considering the range of soil types found on his farm, which include light, irrigated sand; peat; and different combinations of the two.


Jerry Norman continues to be happy with his decision to grow NK Soybeans, with no end in sight. “I will stay 100% with Syngenta products based on what I’ve seen this year,” he said.

Beyond seed purchase considerations, Norman relies on his Golden Harvest® Seed Advisor™ and Syngenta sales representative to help him make decisions about seed treatments, too. That’s been particularly important in recent years, with soybean cyst nematodes on the rise.

“We definitely have soybean cyst nematode problems (in the area). As the soil varies from one field to another, it shows up,” Norman said. “Clariva® Complete Beans seed treatment has definitely helped with that. It’s not even a concern of mine anymore.”

The impact of treating seeds with Clariva Complete Beans, a combination of separately registered products, showed up in this year’s yields, with numbers about 10 bu/A higher than his yearly average.

“I will stay 100% with Syngenta products based on what I’ve seen this year,” Norman said.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

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