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Protecting Cotton Herbicides

May 25, 2017

In the herbicide world, sticking only with what works today may render it useless tomorrow.  This is true for new herbicide tools and those already in use.

Several articles published by Delta Farm Press focused on information presented at Pigposium 3, a recent herbicide resistance meeting in Forrest City, AR. Weed scientists addressed the audience about a variety of topics surrounding the challenges of weed resistance, including how rapidly resistance can develop, the threat of weeds with multiple resistance and what should be done to protect the herbicide tools that are available.

To protect the chemistries that are available, it is important to mix them up.  If a herbicide is working, then don’t rely on it exclusively.

Gramoxone® SL 2.0 herbicide delivers excellent early weed control bringing convenience, flexibility and dependability. It even works in cool, wet weather and is compatible with water of various qualities and nitrogen fertilizers containing calcium. In the ongoing battle against weed resistance, this versatile burndown and pre-plant solution is one more tool in a much needed kit.

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