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Protecting Against the Colorado Potato Beetle in Potatoes

May 24, 2017

The Colorado potato beetle can cause significant losses in potato crops. In Growing Produce, University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor and Vegetables Extension Specialist Russell Groves provides some tips to help potato growers manage Colorado potato beetle populations.

Growers can roughly predict the emergence of the Colorado potato beetle with the aid of degree day models, because the pest overwinters near places where potatoes were planted in the year prior. Because the newly emerged beetles are not heavy feeders, it is best to apply insecticide treatments at the first and second instar stages of the first generation.  Good crop rotation practices are also an important management method.

For excellent control of Colorado Potato beetle and other harmful potato pests, Syngenta recommends Minecto® Pro insecticide, a broad-spectrum, foliar insecticide that harnesses the power of two complementary active ingredients.

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