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Protect Your Soybeans From Early-Season Diseases

May 20, 2021
Soybean seedling emerging

Soybean seedling emerging

Earlier planting can mean higher yields and a higher risk of disease development. When you plant earlier in the growing season, you’ll be planting into cooler, wetter soils, which increases the risk of diseases like Pythium and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) infecting your crop.

Agronomy Service Representative Kevin Scholl describes which diseases to watch out for and what you can do to protect your young soybeans.

Early-Season Disease Watchlist:

  • Pythium: The University of Minnesota Extension says Pythium can attack and rot seedlings prior to emergence and cause damping-off. Some species of Pythium favor cool, wet soils, but some may do more damage in warmer conditions.
  • Phytophthora: Damaging seedlings prior to emergence, Phytophthora favors warm, saturated soils.
  • Rhizoctonia: This seedling disease causes damping-off, root rot and early-season stand loss, especially in warm and wet conditions, Ohio State University says.
  • Fusarium: A common pathogen that damages seeds and seedlings, Fusarium has many species that may prefer a variety of different conditions.
  • SDS: This disease is caused by a specific type of FusariumFusarium virguliforme. SDS infects soybeans early in the season, but foliar symptoms don’t appear until much later – when it is too late to effectively protect your crop.

No matter the growing conditions, 1 of these diseases could be prevalent in your fields. That’s why choosing a powerful seed treatment is crucial for protecting your soybeans.

Offering powerful protection against early-season insects and diseases, CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® seed treatment optimizes root health, stress tolerance and plant vigor for better emergence. CruiserMaxx Vibrance also delivers faster speed to canopy and nutrient uptake for improved overall performance.

For protection against SDS, upgrade to Saltro® fungicide seed treatment. Saltro delivers upgraded SDS protection, robust nematode activity and higher potential yield – all without early-season stress. On average, under SDS pressure, Saltro delivers a 4 bushel-per-acre yield advantage over ILEVO®*.

Adding Saltro to CruiserMaxx Vibrance offers the best protection available for early‐season insects, diseases and nematodes to help you start the season strong at emergence and yield strong at harvest.

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*U.S. trials with SDS pressure; 2015-2019. Trial locations: AR, IL, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, TN, WI. Trials with significantly different disease incidence/severity rating between Check and SDS treatment.

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