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Protect Your Soybean Yields From Lepidopteran Pests

May 17, 2021
soybean looper illustration

An artist rendering of soybean looper, a common lepidopteran pest that is light to dark green in color and derives its name from its preferred host plant (soybean) and the looping movement it makes while moving about.

Scenario: it’s mid-season, your soybeans are up and growing quickly but you’ve started to notice signs of foliar feeding and, upon further scouting, discover soybean looper or other lepidopteran pests. Now you’re concerned about yield loss and considering effective management options.

Watch as Product Marketing Lead Meade McDonald explains how Besiege® insecticide can help you manage difficult lepidopteran pests like armyworm, corn earworm, bean leaf beetle, soybean looper, Japanese beetles and more.*

Besiege provides your soybeans with long-lasting protection against lepidopteran pests as well as proven broad-spectrum performance against other damaging insect pests, including those resistant to some insecticide chemistries. Available as a convenient premix formulation, Besiege offers robust rates of 2 active ingredients and performance to ensure optimal soybean yield and quality.

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