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Protect Your Pecans from Nut Scab

January 22, 2021

This agronomic image compares treatment of nut scab in pecans

Desirable Pecan. University of Georgia. Ponder Farm. Ty Ty, GA. September 17, 2018

Controlling fungal diseases is critical to commercial pecan production. In the Southeast, pecan scab—also known as nut scab—is by far the biggest wide-scale concern. According to researchers with the North Carolina State University Extension, without fungicide applications, susceptible cultivars can experience yield losses ranging from 50 to 100%.

Nut scab appears as pinpoint brown spots often on veins on the undersides of leaves. If the disease progresses, these lesions can expand, with the entire leaf turning black. Nut scab can be more severe in high humidity, years with excess rain and on susceptible varieties. Look to manage this disease from budbreak to just before harvest if disease pressure is high.

To help you stay ahead of disease, take a look at these management tips:

  • Remain alert. Watch forecasts for rain and make proactive disease control plans. UGA Pecan Extension experts recommend planning fungicide programs around your varieties’ susceptibility as well as the weather in a particular season.
  • Don’t rush. Ensure adequate coverage of fungicides by traveling at the right speed through the orchard and only apply during favorable weather.
  • Rotate chemistries. When planning a disease management program, use different chemistries to manage fungicide resistance and follow agronomic practices. Louisiana State University Extension specialists recommend following a fungicide spray schedule, knocking off old shucks and stems before spring and pruning to improve air circulation in the orchard.

Looking ahead and putting plans in place for a strategic disease control program can help keep trees healthy and productive for both the immediate season and the years ahead. Miravis® Top fungicide can be an excellent fit in spray programs for commercial pecans. Miravis Top contains both Group 7 (  ADEPIDYN® technology) and Group 3 (difenoconazole) fungicides, offering control of nut scab, downy spot, powdery mildew, Zonate leaf spot, vein spot and liver spot.

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