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Protect Your Peanuts with Long-lasting Residual Control

July 14, 2020

This agronomic image compares fungicide treatments in peanuts

Miravis® fungicide performance under heavy pressure.

Over the last few years, the Southeast has faced extremely wet springs followed by high temperatures leading into summer. These weather conditions have made fungicide application and harvest timing unpredictable and often less than ideal. Proactively choosing an effective fungicide program with longer residual control and greater flexibility is a must this season.

Low-cost fungicide programs may seem appealing at purchase, but the low margin for error in managing diseases like leaf spots and white mold make consistency, residuals and reliability the economic game changers. A reliable premium program is likely to deliver higher yield potential and an opportunity for more income. To extend your length of control and provide greater application flexibility, Wilson Faircloth, Ph.D., a.k.a. the Peanut Doctor, recommends a combination of Elatus® and Miravis fungicides.

  • Elatus fungicide offers industry-leading, long-lasting residual control even under extreme disease pressure. It provides application flexibility from early emergence to traditional soilborne disease timing while performing dependably in a variety of weather conditions. With 2 active ingredients and 2 sites of action, Elatus helps promote resistance management in the field.
  • Miravis fungicide complements Elatus’ performance with best-in-class potency and remains stable on the leaf surface for even distribution and consistent protection. When unpredictable or severe weather hits, Miravis enables up to 28 days between sprays without a drop off in performance.

This chart shows A combination of Elatus and Miravis provides a higher yield potential than other fungicides.

A combination of Elatus and Miravis provides a higher yield potential than other fungicides.

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