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Protect Your Citrus from Root to Fruit

November 30, 2023
A cluster of early season citrus oranges growing off a tree branch

A cluster of early season oranges growing off a tree branch.

Full-season citrus crop protection starts at the roots. Visible symptoms of disease may take years to show what’s been brewing under the surface, diminishing overall citrus tree health and crop production levels.

Disease-spreading pathogens like Phytophthora can be silent killers, stealing water and nutrients from your trees, leaving them tired – especially in younger trees. Phytophthora species are prolific spore producers, increasing the impact and spread of damaging diseases, including root rot, foot rot and brown rot. One of the most devastating aspects of this pathogen is that it can be unintentionally introduced and re-introduced through water sources every year, making annual soil testing imperative.

Recharge your trees with Orondis® fungicide and manage difficult soilborne oomycete diseases like Phytophthora root rot. Orondis protects your developing citrus root systems by reducing the number of viable Phytophthora propagules in the soil, leading to stronger root development and healthier trees.

Two images showing that Orondis fungicide-treated plants have much fuller roots and leaf growth than the untreated

Citrus roots in the top image were treated with Orondis® fungicide at the University of California Riverside in 2016. Citrus roots in the bottom image were untreated.

Managing citrus groves to their highest potential requires effective, consistent control from root to fruit. Protecting your groves with Orondis fungicide can improve root mass, facilitate better water and nutrient use, improve root health and ultimately increase your marketable yield potential.

Learn how Orondis can help you manage and prevent the spread of damaging diseases in your citrus groves. For additional information, reach out to your Syngenta representative.

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