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Protect Tree Roots from Phytophthora

September 25, 2017
This agronomic images shoes phytophthora on tree roots.

As the growing season moves into harvest, now is a good time to consider the next steps in orchard management, including protecting roots from soil diseases. If left unchecked, these diseases can overwinter and cause tree death.

A major infection that can occur is Phytophthora. This water mold can cause root rot and occurs when the soil is oversaturated or left with standing water. When it comes to preventing infection, water management is key. Once infected, trees can begin to see poor vegetative growth, low fruit set, and orchard decline.

The best way to check for this disease is by digging up roots and checking tissue and soil samples. Syngenta offers the Soil Pathogen Assessment (SPA), a free program that assesses Phytophthora infections on an orchard-by-orchard basis. Contact your Syngenta representative to learn more about soil sampling through the SPA program: www.Syngenta-US.com/rep-finder.

In addition to field testing, consider using Ridomil Gold® SL fungicide, which offers long-lasting protection against soilborne diseases, including crown rot, collar rot and root rot caused by several Phytophthora species.

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