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Protect Tomato Crops with Early-Season Disease Prevention

April 14, 2020
This agronomic image shows early blight in tomatoes

Early blight

Early season disease protection is the one of the best ways to protect your tomato crops from damaging diseases, such as early blight and target spot.

Early blight causes damage to tomato yields each year. The disease is caused by Alternaria solani, a fungus that attacks nearly all parts of the tomato plant, including leaves, fruit and stem. Early blight causes yellow spots on leaves, leathery lesions on fruit and dark spots on seedlings. It can survive in the soil for years and can drastically decrease yield potential when left untreated.

Another common fungal disease expected to cause headaches for tomato growers in 2020 is target spot. The name “target spot” comes from its most common symptom, the bullseye-shaped brown and black lesions that appear on diseased leaves. As the disease progresses, it can cause deeply sunken holes across leaves and dark fungal growth in the center of each leaf. Target spot often occurs later in the growing season, giving you a chance to identify early stages and apply treatments before damaging symptoms appear.

Preventive treatment is a great way to manage the risk of early blight and target spot in your tomato yields. Miravis® Prime fungicide contains 2 chemistries, fludioxonil and Adepidyn® fungicide, to help treat tough diseases in fruiting vegetables. The 2 powerful active ingredients offer strong disease control that evenly distributes on leaf surfaces to protect against target spot, early blight and many other tomato and fruiting vegetable diseases.

This chart compares residual controll of early blight in tomatoes amongst tomatoes

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  • posted by Samuel on May 4, 2020

    Am farming tomatoes and following your schedule for separating pesticides perhaps a price guide on the set of pesticides,would greatly help from transplanting to vegeatative ,flowering untill harvesting I guided on separating intervals application and price for planining purposes

    Samuel kamau

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