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Protect Soybeans Against Sudden Death Syndrome

April 8, 2021
sudden death syndrome in soybeans

Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans.

It’s important to protect soybeans against yield-robbing diseases like Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). SDS infects soybeans early but can cause devastation in late August and September when foliar symptoms appear. Kansas State University says SDS can be the most severe on well-managed soybeans with a high yield potential.

Soybean varieties and seed treatments are 2 of the main ways you can defend your yield from SDS. But not all SDS protection is created equal. Older seed treatments manage SDS while introducing early-season stress that can cause damage of its own.

A 2020 trial at our York, NE Grow More™ Experience site compared the performance of Saltro® + CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® seed treatments vs. ILEVO® + Acceleron® seed treatments. The video below shows a clear picture of how Saltro offers upgraded protection compared to ILEVO.

In the video’s side-by-side view, the difference between the 2 seed treatments is easy to see. The soybeans treated with ILEVO are suffering from stress and appear stunted in comparison to the Saltro-treated soybeans, which are visibly greener and fuller. At harvest, the Saltro-treated soybeans yielded 91 bu/A, a 6.1 bushel increase over the ILEVO-treated soybeans at 84.9 bu/A.

This shows you shouldn’t discount the impact of early-season plant stress. Soybeans may seem to outgrow the effects of stress, but they may never fully recover from the consequences of stress affecting root growth. By offering superior SDS protection without the stress, Saltro helps soybeans reach their full genetic yield potential. Syngenta trials show that Saltro offers a 4+ bu/A yield improvement over ILEVO, under SDS pressure.1

Saltro also offers robust nematode activity and protects against other diseases like soybean cyst, root knot, reniform and lesion.

Visit WhySaltro.com to see how Saltro performed in local trials near you.

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1 U.S. trials with SDS pressure; 2015-2019. Trial locations: AR, IL, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, TN, WI. Trials with significantly different disease incidence/severity rating between Check and SDS treatment.