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Protect Potatoes from Diseases You Can’t See

April 30, 2019
Throughout a growing season, potatoes face varying disease pressure

Throughout a growing season, potatoes face varying disease pressure, including Rhizoctonia, Verticillium wilt, black dot, and silver scurf. Symptoms of these pathogens don’t always manifest right away, and letting these diseases go untreated can have a dramatic effect on crop yield.

According to Kiran Shetty, Ph.D., technical development lead for Syngenta, it is important to create a strong fungicide program to control local disease pressures, and ultimately, protect your yield.

In the following Spud Doctor video, Shetty explains how Elatus® fungicide is a strong option for common potato disease management and leads to better tuber size distribution and consistency. Elatus is a dry formulation made up of 2 active ingredients with different modes of action. It is applied in-furrow to protect potatoes from pathogens that cause diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Verticillium wilt. Together, these 2 chemistries prevent energy production in fungal cells to stunt fungal growth, thereby helping produce a healthy, consistently sized crop. Watch the video below to learn more about how Elatus protects potatoes from diseases you can’t see.

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