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Protect lettuce from disease during wet weather

May 4, 2016

With many cloudy, rainy days this spring, the pressure for disease development has been extremely high for lettuce crops.

In lettuce, PythiumPhytophthoraRhizoctoniaFusarium and Sclerotinia can cause major damage. These microbes favor wet soils and are often referred to as molds, rusts, rots and wilts. The roots and lower stems of plants they attack will exhibit signs of discoloration from yellow to brown and show symptoms of wilt which can cause plant decomposition.

With a high chance of soilborne diseases so far, it’s important to stay ahead in the game. Syngenta recommends the following in order to combat diseases:

  • Variety tolerance/resistance
  • Fungicides
  • Good soil drainage
  • Crop rotation

Since weather is unpredictable, it’s important to be prepared for anything. In addition to offering a strong portfolio of lettuce varieties with resistance to diseases, Syngenta also offers Orondis® Ultra fungicide. Orondis Ultra is currently sold as a multi-pack product combining Orondis Ultra A and Orondis Ultra B and offers excellent control of diseases in lettuce.

Orondis Ultra combines the active ingredients found in two products, Orondis and Revus® fungicides, to knock out diseases in lettuce and provide built-in resistance management.

With wet conditions so far this season, it’s important to be prepared for the unpredictable. Stay ahead of diseases by utilizing fungicides when necessary, which can help growers maximize return on investment and produce quality crops.

Orondis Ultra is not registered for sale or use in California. To learn whether Orondis Ultra is approved for use in your area, visit this page. For more information, talk to your local Syngenta representative.

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