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Protect corn yields from disease

May 3, 2016

MIDWEST: With inoculum left in the soil and wet weather conditions this spring, disease outbreaks may be common again this season making conditions ripe for northern corn leaf blight (NCLB). Don’t let poor weather conditions be an excuse for poor yields. To give crops a fighting chance, proactive management will be more important than ever.

According to Purdue University Extension, preventative management is especially important for fields at high risk for NCLB development. Be on the lookout for NCLB symptoms such as:

  • Long, narrow, tan lesions that form parallel to leaf margins
  • Long, oblong, or “cigarshaped” tan or grayish lesions
  • Large, irregular areas of dead tissue on the leaves

Use fungicides effectively

We mentioned earlier that it’s important to use a flexible fungicide with good residual control in order to combat diseases. If your goal is to keep yields high and maximize profits, consider applying Trivapro™ fungicide. Trivapro:

  • Works harder and lasts longer than any other brand on the market
  • Helps produce corn with bigger ears, more kernels and stronger stalks for greater yield potential
  • Defends plants against multiple sources of stress and competition for improved crop enhancement
  • Helps shut down existing disease-causing pathogens and prevent future infections

Being proactive and applying fungicides will help growers get through the toughest years and ultimately grow more corn.

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