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Problem: Weeds. Solution? The Ultimate Post-Emergence Corn Herbicide

March 31, 2022
waterhemp growing directly next to a row of corn

Waterhemp growing adjacent to a corn field in Missouri.

Weeds are an annual threat to your farm’s profitability. They compete with corn for valuable resources and reduce yields when left unchecked or poorly managed. The solution? A strong corn herbicide program with multiple sites of action (SOAs) and overlapping residuals can help reduce weed competition, allowing your corn to maximize its genetic yield potential.

Growers familiar with Halex® GT corn herbicide or those who typically employ a 2-pass herbicide program should consider Acuron® GT, the ultimate post-emergence corn herbicide.  Acuron GT contains 4 active ingredients, including the unique component bicyclopyrone, and 3 SOAs for faster knockdown, enhanced control and longer-lasting residual in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

Bicyclopyrone: A Unique Active Ingredient

Acuron GT is the only glyphosate premix available with the active ingredient bicyclopyrone (BIR). BIR is an advanced technology that works with the 3 other proven active ingredients in Acuron GT – glyphosate, mesotrione and S-metolachlor – to give you enhanced control of yield-robbing weeds.

Learn more about what makes BIR unique.

Faster Knockdown of Tough Weeds

Any weeds that are in the field when you plant are reducing your corn’s yield potential, and the longer they’re there, the more damage they do. Acuron GT works quickly and provides high-level control of 90+ grass and broadleaf weeds, including giant ragweed, common ragweed, kochia, marestail, morningglory, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, for consistently cleaner fields, which helps increase yield potential.

Learn more about how better weed control leads to higher yield potential.

Residual for Season-Long Control

Breaks in herbicide coverage provide an opportunity for weeds to take hold. That’s why it’s important to use products with proven residual. Acuron GT offers longer-lasting residual control, which helps fully protect yield potential and minimize the weed seed bank for next year’s crop.

Learn more about why residual control is important for season-long weed management.

With a strong herbicide program that includes Acuron GT, you can rest assured that you’ll have cleaner fields and higher yield potential.

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