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Preparing for Phytophthora Fruit Rot in Cucurbits

June 18, 2018

Cucurbit growers who have struggled with Phytophthora fruit rot in the past year should keep in mind that it’s suspected the fungus can survive in the soil for at least a couple of years. If environmental conditions are right, including high soil moisture and temperatures near 80 degrees Fahrenheit, having a preventive plan in place is a wise decision.

Phytophthora fruit rot first shows itself on cucurbits as moist depressions in the fruit, usually where it touches the ground. White fungus will begin to grow and eventually the fruit will collapse in on itself.

It is important that you employ good cultural practices – such as crop rotation, proper drainage, scouting and raised beds. However, a good fungicide program can also be key in managing Phytophthora fruit rot. Orondis® Ultra fungicide is a reliable foundation product for such programs. With 2 active ingredients, oxathiapiprolin and mandipropamid, Orondis Ultra provides built-in resistance management, is rainfast within 30 minutes after drying, and offers preventive and residual disease control.

This chart shows phytophthora fruit rot management in watermelons.

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