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Pre-planting preparations for optimal cotton stand establishment

March 23, 2016

As cotton growers are preparing to plant, proper planning and management are necessary for optimal stand establishment. Poor soil temperatures and moisture levels, as well as heavy insect pressure, will adversely affect plant population, and ultimately crop yield and quality. Scouting cotton in the early stages of development can help identify fields where plants may be under adverse stress.

While higher plant densities can help ensure a consistent stand, they can also lead to increased insect and disease pressure. The primary insect pest in the Mid-South and Southeast that threatens seedling cotton is thrips. Severe thrips infestations can cause stunting, maturity delays and yield losses. Because the severity of thrips cannot be predicted, insecticide seed treatments and foliar insecticide applications are recommended to reduce the risk of thrips damage.

Targeting pests from emergence through the first weeks of development, seed treatment insecticides provide consistent and reliable protection against early-season insect pests under a variety of environmental conditions. Avicta® Elite Cotton Plus with Vibrance® nematicide/insecticide/fungicide, a combination of separately registered products, is a recommended seed treatment from Syngenta that will combat thrips and other insects, diseases and nematodes found in early-season cotton. The additional active ingredient to thiamethoxam allows cotton growers who have come to rely on Avicta® Complete Cotton, a combination of separately registered products, as their standard seed treatment solution to better combat early-season insects with increased product consistency. In addition, Syngenta highly recommends a foliar overspray of an insecticide with an alternate mode of action, from the neonicotinoid class of insecticides, at the one true leaf stage of cotton. Following these pre-planting tips, and preparing for the unexpected can help growers obtain optimal stand establishment, combat thrips and ultimately help grow more cotton.

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