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Powerful Fungicides Boost Wheat Yield in Kinston, NC

August 7, 2019
Wheat fungicide trial in Kinston, NC.

Wheat fungicide trial in Kinston, NC.

Syngenta puts a lot of time and effort into managing Grow More™ Experience sites, and the results from the Kinston, NC, site show why. Trivapro® fungicide and Miravis® Ace fungicide were put the test, and in a stacked field of competitor fungicides, the Trivapro and Miravis Ace programs proved to be the best options for Septoria and Septoria glume control. The chart below shows the improved yield growers can expect from Trivapro and Miravis Ace compared to a competitor program.

This chart compares wheat fungicides.

Not all treatments shown. Planting date: Nov. 23, 2018. First application: March 14, 2019 (Feekes 5). Second application: April 22, 2019 (Feekes 10.51). Kinston, NC, Grow More Experience site.  

Ken Teeter, Syngenta agronomist and Kinston Grow More Experience site lead, credits the improved yield to long-lasting disease control and plant-health benefits. This trial shows that Trivapro still works harder and lasts longer to control wheat leaf diseases than older fungicides. By adding in Septoria control from Miravis Ace, the spray program took yields to a new level with a one-two punch against disease.

In addition to Septoria, Miravis Ace provides best-in-class Fusarium head blight (scab) control. Head scab pressure was scarce at the Kinston site this season, but it’s been observed in many other Southern states, including TN and KY. If head scab is an issue in your fields, consider Miravis Ace to get a head start on head scab and apply as early as 50% head emergence up to flowering.

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