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The Potato Blight Hotlines: Local Disease Information

June 8, 2017

Syngenta and respected experts in Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington continue partnering to bring growers the potato blight hotlines. The hotlines provide access to local information about disease pressures, and this year you can sign up to receive text notifications when an update is posted to the hotline.

Sign up to know when hotlines are updated using the chart below:

Pathologist/Affiliate Hotline Number To subscribe for text alerts, send text message:
Dr. Kasia Kinzer

University of Idaho

1-800-791-7195 BLIGHTID to 97063
Mr. Rob Schafer

Schafer Agronomy

1-888-379-9012 BLIGHTMI to 97063
Dr. Neil Gudmestad

North Dakota State University

1-888-482-7286 BLIGHTND to 97063
Dr. Ken Frost

Oregon State University

1-800-705-3377 BLIGHTOR to 97063
Dr. Dennis Johnson

Washington State University

1-800-984-7400 BLIGHTWA to 97063

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