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Post-Harvest Weed Control Assessment is Critical

December 14, 2016

Post-harvest is an important time to evaluate weed control in corn and soybean fields. When planning for 2017, be sure to look back at 2016 weed control failures and successes, and adjust weed management programs to win the battle against troublesome weeds.

A season-long weed management battle plan is essential to protecting valuable crop investments. Deploy these tactics to avoid herbicide resistance and give your crops a leg up in 2017:

  • Use fully labeled herbicide rates
  • Diversify herbicide modes of action
  • Rotate crops in successive seasons
  • Overlap pre-emergence and post-emergence residual herbicides

Resistance management requires full-season attention. Plan early and use multiple modes of action in your 2017 herbicide program to control weeds, achieve higher yield and fight resistance all season long.

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