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Planting Continuous Soybeans Can Lead to Higher Disease Pressure

April 26, 2021
Soybean leaf infected with brown spot

Soybean leaf infected with brown spot

Compared to last year, the USDA projected a 5% increase in planted soybean acres in 2021. And due to projected market prices for soybeans, you may be considering planting continuous soybeans this season. Although increasing your soybean acres could help you reap more bushels at harvest, it also poses a higher risk for disease development.

All sides of the disease triangle must be present for infection to occur: a susceptible host – soybeans, a pathogen and favorable environmental conditions. When soybeans are planted continuously, the host remains year after year, and many key soybean disease pathogens such as frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot and white mold can overwinter on crop debris. At the start of the season, you could already be facing 2 sides of the disease triangle. Now all the disease would need for infection to occur is a conducive environment.

The diseases mentioned caused a combined yield loss of more than 41 million soybean bushels in the Midwest in 2019 alone. But if you’re planning on growing continuous soybeans this season, there are steps you can take to protect your soybeans from disease and maximize your profit potential:

  • Scout actively and often. Keep an eye out for university disease reports about nearby counties.
  • Track the weather. Stay mindful of weather conditions favorable for disease development, especially if your fields have a history of disease.
  • Apply a fungicide. Consider a preventive fungicide application to get ahead of costly diseases and maximize yield potential.

To protect your soybeans from yield-robbing diseases, we recommend applying a high-performing fungicide like Miravis® Neo. With broader, longer-lasting disease control and added plant-health benefits, Miravis Neo helps deliver cleaner and healthier soybeans for more bushels more often.

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