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Plan ahead for weed control in almonds

April 21, 2016

PACIFIC SOUTHWEST: Thanks to the high amount of rainfall this year, winter weeds are abundant in almond orchards. With moist soil conditions and warming temperatures nearing, summer weed growth is also expected to be high. Be ready to implement a summer weed control program.

Weeds compete with almond trees for water and nutrients, which can be detrimental to an orchard. Scout orchards following a rain event, or watering, to see if new weeds are emerging. If so, identify the weeds present and apply appropriate herbicides to help control them. According to the University of California Extension, in order to ensure tree nut weed control efforts are as effective and as possible, consider the following before treating:

  • Make sure spray equipment is functioning properly
  • Select herbicides and rates based on specific weeds present or expected
  • Use spray nozzle tips, a spray pressure, and a travel speed that is adequate for the desired coverage of the herbicide type
  • Use drift-reducing spray tips and/or spray shields where possible to help mitigate spray drift concerns
  • Make sure post-emergence materials are applied to small weeds within 2-3 weeks after emergence

Broadworks™ herbicide provides residual control of broadleaf weeds and certain grasses for tree nut growers. By controlling weeds, such as marestail and fleabane, which are resistant to certain herbicides, including glyphosate, Broadworks aids in herbicide resistance management.

It’s also important to rotate or tank-mix herbicides with different modes of action whenever possible to reduce the risk of herbicide-resistant weed development and preserve herbicide effectiveness. Broadworks is also an ideal tank-mix partner because its single active ingredient fits in well with other modes of action.

To learn whether Broadworks is approved for use in your area, visit this page. For more information, talk to your local Syngenta representative.

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