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Pest Alert: Stripe Rust Confirmed on Nebraska Wheat

January 23, 2017
An agronomic photo showing wheat diseases.

NEBRASKA: According to the University of Nebraska Extension, stripe rust was confirmed this fall throughout wheat fields in the Nebraska Panhandle, specifically in Kimball and Banner counties. For the third year in a row, stripe rust has been identified on fall-planted wheat in the Panhandle. The previous 2 years, disease outbreaks occurred in numerous locations, suggesting that Nebraska could be at risk for another disease outbreak this season.

Scouting for this disease will be crucial in the coming months. Be sure to stay particularly watchful during cool, wet periods, as this is when spore germination can occur rapidly, and when this disease thrives. Controlling the disease early is important for maintaining crop health for optimum yield potential.

If stripe rust is found in your wheat, control measures should be taken before it spreads. We recommend applying Trivapro® fungicide which provides long-lasting efficacy on stripe rust on wheat. One application of Trivapro exhibits greater residual control of stripe rust on wheat compared to other brands with 1-pass and 2-pass programs.

It’s important to regularly scout fields to track the presence of stripe rust and other diseases. Being proactive about crop protection will help maximize profit potential and ultimately help grow more wheat.

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