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Pest Alert: Soybean Rust Found in Southern Illinois

September 30, 2016
Agronomic image of soybean rust

ILLINOIS: According to the University of Illinois Extension, soybean rust has been found in Southern Illinois. While this is very late in the season, there are still many fields in Southern Illinois that are green and growers should consider scouting for soybean rust. Symptoms include:

  • Small gray, tan or reddish-brown lesions that develop on the lower leaf surfaces
  • Lesions that get progressively larger after about 9-14 days
  • Spore-producing pustules that appear on the underside of leaves
  • Leaves that drop prematurely, resulting in lower seed weights, fewer pods and fewer seeds
  • Symptoms that may superficially resemble lesions caused by other diseases, such as brown spot or bacterial blight. Note that soybean rust lesions have a powdery, granular appearance

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