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Pest Alert: Rice Stink Bugs Reach Threshold in AR

July 13, 2018
This illustrated image shows rice stinkbugs

As rice crop begins heading, rice stink bugs move into fields. With some areas reaching 2 to 3x threshold levels, AR entomologist Gus Lorenz provides treatment recommendations in his July 11th Pest Patrol update.

Adult rice stink bugs overwinter in grass clumps and ground cover until rice begins to flower. Nymphs and adults feed on rice florets and suck sap from developing grains, with adults causing the most damage during the early milk stage of the heading period.

Grain quality suffers when sink bugs feed on developing rice kernels. The feeding points serve as an entry point for pathogens to infect the grain. The combination of feeding damage and pathogen infection causes discolored and pecky rice kernels, which have lower grade and poor milling quality.

Begin scouting at 50 to 75% heading. Scouting in the early hours of the day using a 15” sweep net and taking 10 sweeps at 10 locations is recommended. When threshold is reached, apply an insecticide like Warrior II with Zeon Technology®.

Warrior II with Zeon Technology delivers the combination of consistently reliable performance and modern formulation technology. Zeon Technology, a patented quick-release, micro-encapsulated formulation with a powerful UV blocker, ensures fast knockdown and long-lasting residual control.

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