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Pest Alert: Insects Descend on AR Rice

June 6, 2019
this illustration shows rice stinkbug

Rice Stink bug

Standing water in flooded fields has caused a spike in rice water weevil populations in AR. Rice stink bug numbers are predicted to reach threshold levels in the near future. AR entomologist Gus Lorenz provides treatment recommendations in his latest Pest Patrol update.

Rice Water Weevils

The larval stage of rice water weevil is the most damaging to rice crops, but it is also the most difficult to control, since larvae feed on roots of flooded plants. Root feeding leads to stunting, reduced nutrient uptake, fewer tillers and delayed maturity. Identifying adult feeding symptoms and controlling adult populations before egg lay is critical to controlling this pest.

Adult rice water weevils have prominent beaks and gray bodies with a dark V-shaped marking from the base of the head to the middle of the wing covers. When they feed, they create longitudinal scars on the upper leaf surface. Monitor for leaf scarring in flooded fields.

Rice Stink Bugs

Rice stink bug nymphs and adults feed on rice florets and suck sap from developing grains, with adults causing the most damage during the early milk stage of the heading period. Grain quality suffers when they feed on developing rice kernels, as pathogens can enter the plant through feeding points.

The combination of feeding damage and pathogen infection causes discolored, pecky rice kernels, which have lower grade and poor milling quality. To manage rice stink bugs, begin scouting at 50 to 75% heading in the early hours of the day. A 15” sweep net and taking 10 sweeps at 10 locations is recommended.

Once threshold has been reached for either pest, we recommend Warrior II with Zenon Technology®. Warrior II with Zenon Technology delivers a combination of consistently reliable performance and modern formulation technology. Zeon Technology, a patented quick-release, micro-encapsulated formulation with a powerful UV blocker, ensures fast knockdown and long-lasting residual control.

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