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Part 5: Multiple Modes of Action Control Tough Weeds

November 21, 2016

In this edition, growers in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan share their results controlling tough weeds with Acuron® corn herbicide in 2016. This is the final post in a series on Acuron and Acuron Flexi, which also covered:

Here’s a recap of growers’ experiences in the eastern Corn Belt:

July 25, 2016:


Urbana, Ohio: Paul McGuire’s field had a history of giant ragweed and pigweed pressure prior to treatment. Acuron applied pre-emerge at 2.5 qt/A with 1 qt/A atrazine on April 28, 2016. Photo taken 88 days after treatment. Although the field did not have Palmer amaranth, Paul reported that its presence in the area contributed to his decision to use Acuron.

August 31, 2016:


Albion, Indiana: Due to manure applications, Al Osterlund’s field had heavy populations of marestail, giant ragweed and pigweed prior to planting. Acuron applied post-emerge at 2.5 qt/A on April 20, 2016. Photo taken 133 days after treatment.

August 31, 2016:


Sturgis, Michigan: Chris Pueschel’s field had a history of Pennsylvania smartweed and yellow nutsedge pressure prior to treatment. Acuron applied post-emerge at 2.5 qt/A on April 20, 2016. Photo taken 133 days after treatment.

Explore our performance map to see how Acuron defeats tough weeds in your area. Did you use Acuron or Acuron Flexi this season? We want to see. Share your photos on social media using #toughweeds.

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