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Part 3: How to Stay Ahead of Resistant Weeds in the Midwest

March 22, 2017
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Weed resistance management is an important consideration when prepping for the growing season. Multiple modes of action used to be enough. But herbicides lose effectiveness when weeds become resistant to a mode of action in an herbicide, which puts more stress on the other modes of action in an herbicide to deliver effective control.

Experts recommend that using an herbicide with multiple effective modes of action is a powerful way to manage resistant weeds. Some growers in the Midwest shared why they use Acuron® corn herbicide to manage weed resistance in their fields.

After a disappointing 2015 season in his field, Rob DeFauw, a grower in Genesco, IL, wanted to try something new. So to help tackle his toughest weeds, giant ragweed and marestail, he decided to try Acuron in 2016.

DeFauw knew that multiple effective modes of action were needed to control his tough weeds. And with 3 modes of action and 4 active ingredients, DeFauw was confident Acuron would get him ahead of the curve with weed management practices.

Josh Miller, a grower from Tamms, IL, says that weed pressures have taken off in previous years. And with different types of resistance out there, weeds are getting harder and harder to defeat. To keep his weeds in check, he used Acuron to really help with the weed management issue in his fields.

Better resistant management is key to a successful season. To learn more about how you can better manage resistance in your field, contact your local Syngenta representative and visit www.ResistanceFighter.com.

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