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Part 2: Greater Weed Control, Greater Yields

February 28, 2017

In part 1, we discussed how more powerful control against tough weeds comes with more effective modes of action. Herbicides with more effective modes of action outperform other herbicides by helping growers achieve higher yields.

Broadleaf weeds are a yield-robbing pest across the Corn Belt, and if left uncontrolled, broadleaf weeds can cut yields up to 50%*. Weeds can compete with corn for vital nutrients and can cause significant yield loss. Recent trials show how effective weed control leads to higher yields.

Trial results from Ohio State University and Purdue University show that Acuron® corn herbicide, containing 4 active ingredients and 3 effective modes of action, delivers an average yield increase of 50 bu/A compared to Verdict® herbicide + AAtrex® 4L herbicide, and an average increase of 29 bu/A compared to Corvus® herbicide + AAtrex 4L. By providing more powerful weed control, Acuron outperforms competitors by delivering greater yields.

Acuron vs. Competitors 2016 Yield Advantage

Image of Acuron corn herbicide performance vs. competitors
Ohio State University Trial USNKSH0012016 and Purdue University Trial 16S-TPAC-CORN-03. Herbicides applied pre-emergence. Not all treatments in trial are shown.

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*2016 Weed Science Society of America study: Perspectives on corn yield due to weeds in North America

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